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We Create Games & Fantastic 3D Videos With A Competitive Budget Cost.


Have a look at some of features you may need in your game.

3D Games

3D Games is most attractive and powerfull games to millions around the world, take you into another world, it can also introduce real world events

Cross Platform

games now can be developed only one time Responsive, distributed to many platforms.i.e windows, mac, linux, android, iOS ...etc

Social Integration

In any game, social integration became a must for game self distribution and getting more users, we make sure your game has a social abilities.

Optimized for Mobile

Our games are designed to look great on tablet or mobile devices with good performance and less size


Some Of Magics !
  • Zequense – The Famous Card Game

    Game Trailer

    Based on a famous paper card game, Zequense game is developed to become available on Android / iOS mobile devices It is a multiplayer online funny game Zequense, the enjoyable card game which develop your smartness, future planning, and making strategies. - Like Connect 4 , Goal is to make 5 zequenses marks (coin marks) horizontally, vertically or diagonally by matching deck cards with board cards - The Jacks are a powerful cards. - Red jacks can add a zequense mark at any board card. - Black Jack can remove zequense mark from any board card. - When there are 2 players or 2 teams, 2 zequenses lines are required to win - When there are 3 players, 1 zequense line isrequired to win - When you win you double the payed Zequenses gold coins by number of teams - when 1 vs 1 , 7 cards are initiated to each player - when 1 vs 1 vs 1, 6 cards are initiated to each player - when 2 vs 2 , 6 cards are initiated to each player Try it now on android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitalcreativity.zequense on iOS https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1330345757
  • Sportive VR Bike
    a vr game where player simulate his bike drive speed through a vr game to collect a brand products

    Sportive VR Bike

    December , 2017
  • Amgen Project – HoloScreen Game

    A Medical Game presented on holo screen, where you have to form the right shape to the molecule presented

  • Bosch VR – The Solar City

    Virtual reality application to display audio / images / text / videos inside a forest environment to present products inside amazing environment


  • VR Garbage Truck Driving

    Using HTC Vive to control, drive and train to use garbage trucks

  • Lamar VR 360 Demo

    A Project to display normal / 360 videos inside based on user head mounted display pointing

    Lamar VR 360 Demo

    July , 2017
  • Dubai VR Racing Game

    A Virtual Reality 3D Racing game in dubai

    Dubai VR Racing Game

    July , 2017
  • VFX – Fire Fighting Virtual Reality Demo
    Demo Scenario for using virtual reality on fire fighting training
  • Parachute Simulator

    a software to simulate parachute jumps over 2km X 2km island surrounded with ocean with control the variance of wind direction and land area


    Parachute Simulator

    July , 2016
  • VR Slider Interaction Demo

    Using Leapmotion + Htc vive Virtual Reality Demo where you can control a machine from a virtual control board using virtual sliders and control buttons

    VR Slider Interaction Demo

    February , 2016
  • VR Hand Interaction Demo

    Using Leapmotion + Htc vive VR Glasses Virtual Reality Demo where user can interact with his hands with a virtual character

    VR Hand Interaction Demo

    February , 2016
  • The Challenge – Cross Platform 2.5D Game
    The Challenge Game , is a multiplayer game where you should run race and compete with others to first reach to treasures appeared from under earth. here is video trailer and you can test it on Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.angames.thechallengegame or mirror link
  • Dubai AR Project

    Project was done for a technology event in Dubai where users stand in front of camera, application start the interaction with them by display 3d content around them on a live screen

    Dubai AR Project

    November , 2015
  • Tahrir 3D Work Around Demo Game

    Based on real place in egypt, this is un-published yet demo, under development work, it can be used in many purposes.

  • AN Games Studio Launching VFX

    A special VFX video made for an games to be used in events and show cases

  • Gigabyte VFX Video

    This was a video made by our studio for Gigabyte local event in egypt "Gamers Week"

    Gigabyte VFX Video

    November , 2015
  • Roller Ball

    Small relaxing puzzle game where you have to place items in certain order to solve the puzzle as you have to make your target object reach a certain place

    Please feel free to check it on Google Play Store



    Roller Ball

    November , 2015

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Project PACKS

we focus on what we will provide, we are sure that we can give a hand of work.

Idea To 2D Game
$Gold 2D
  • 2D Art Design
  • music & sfx
  • 2D Physics
  • Smart Level System
  • Full Screen Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • multiple platforms
Idea To 3D Game
$Gold 3D
  • 3D Art Design
  • HD 3D Music / SFX
  • 3D Physics
  • 3D UI Level System
  • Full Screen Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • multiple platforms
Branded VFX 2D Video
  • Custom Graphics
  • Logo Animation
  • Interactive Music
  • Flixable Video length
Branded VFX 3D Video
  • 3D Modeling
  • Texturing
  • 3D Logo
  • 3D Animations
  • 3D HD Music
  • Particle Effects
  • Flixable Video length
Augmented Reality App / Game
  • 3D Character Modeling
  • 3D Brand Modeling
  • 3D Animations
  • Control Ability / UI
  • Smart Detection
  • Cusomized Sounds
Customized Project
  • you name it
  • we do it

please feel free to contact in case you need to customize any of these packages for custom project

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  • Now Substance Painter Is Free to Students & Teachers الان برنامج سبتانس مجاني للطلبة والمدرسين في مجال صناعة الالعاب
    Now Substance Painter Is Free to Students & Teachers الان برنامج سبتانس مجاني للطلبة والمدرسين في مجال صناعة الالعاب
    August 5th, 2016

    عدنا باخبارنا الحصرية المفيدة لكل من يهتم بـ مجال صناعة الالعاب برنامج substance Painter هو من افضل البرامج المشهورة عالميا لتصميم الاكسائات الخاصة بالموديلات الثلاثية الابعاد وقد طرحت الشركة المطورة...

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  • E3 2016 Conference Schedule| لعام 2016 E3 جدول مواعيد مؤتمر
    E3 2016 Conference Schedule| لعام 2016 E3 جدول مواعيد مؤتمر
    June 9th, 2016

    زي كل سنة منقدرش نفوت مؤتمر  E3 من المؤتمرات الجميلة والكبيرة اللي بتعرض فيها كل جديد عن الالعاب من الشركات العظمى مثل سوني و يوبي سوفت ومايكروسوفت …الخ جدول...

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  • GDC 2016 Videos Collections  –   تجميع فيديوهات مؤتمر تطوير الالعاب 2016
    GDC 2016 Videos Collections – تجميع فيديوهات مؤتمر تطوير الالعاب 2016
    March 22nd, 2016

    جاء حدث هذا العام لمؤتمر تطوير الالعاب بشكل مختلف عن كل عام فمحركات الالعاب في تطور مستمر وسريع ونحتاج لمواكبة هذا التطور ومتابعة هذه الاحداث ولانشغالنا الشديد لم نستطع...

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  • LUMBERYARD…NEW GAME ENGINE BY AMAZON امازون تطرح محركها الجديد للالعاب مجانا
    LUMBERYARD…NEW GAME ENGINE BY AMAZON امازون تطرح محركها الجديد للالعاب مجانا
    February 9th, 2016

    اعلنت امازون عن طرح محرك الالعاب الجديد الخاص بها مجانا في مفاجأة جديدة حيث اعلنت ان المحرك مجاني بالكامل وهو منافس لمحركات الالعاب مثل يونيتي وانريل كانت امازون سابقا...

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