Second Development Offer we received today
15 October, 2013


Second Development Offer we received today,
guess we have to hurry up & be ready with more than 6 persons team.
Eagerly searching a Marmalade developer to help continue developing a game built with Marmalade and IWGame. Publisher requires some changes and updates to the game to make it more appealing.

The changes are primarily cosmetic and updated designs will be provided. Previous developer had a baby and can’t continue with the project. Attached is a list of the changes requested.

-Experience with Marmalade is a must!
-IWGame is an open source cross platform mobile 2D game engine that uses XMOL. Experience with IWGame is not required but is a pretty big plus.

The game is a language learning game. You can view it here at for android or iPhone. Developer has the option to either update the game using IWGame or port the game to a new game engine but must still use Marmalade!

I’d like to personally invite you to apply to my job for marmalade game development. Your profile matches the job very well (except doesn’t say which game engines you used with marmalade). Let me know your availability.