15th September, 2013 Nesma Saber

UDK Programmer Internship Opportunity (Code: UDKP01)

partnership at startup opportunity
We Are Hiring..
UDK Programmer Internship Opportunity (Code: UDKP01)
AN Games Egypt, is a starting up group works on 3D Cross platform games,
We seek for “UDK Programmer & Level Designers” who can design and implement real world places into UDK levels.
These Positions are a special opportunity as it will be considered as top level when projects succeed. And later on they will be leaders to the later joined members,
SO THESE POSITIONS ARE FOR WHO HAVE THE ENERGY & POWER TAKE APART ON STARTUP “it could success or it could fail, so think carefully before you decide to apply”.
Our Goal is to open more market for games in Egypt, and export Egyptian programmer’s work to worldwide and finally lead others as an example to follow.
Please email us your CV on this email ANGamesEgypt@gmail.com
– Implement real world places in Egypt to UDK Editor (3D objects will be provided).
– Implement custom characters into UDK Editor (3D Character & Animations will be provided).
– Implement cinematic senses with UDK Editor.
– Implement Menus system with UDK Editor + adobe flash.
– Implement Music & Sound effects into the UDK Editor.
– All these requirements will be required together to be done into the main game project that currently on progress.
– Experience with working on UDK (self learn or previous made work).
– Experience about 3D Graphics & 3D Designs (self learn or previous work).
– Experience about 2D Graphics.
– Know to handle basic tasks on any 2D Graphics Program like “Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop”.
– Basic understanding about “graphics & screens” Aspect Ratios.
– Knowing Math Calculations (i.e. Equations, coordinates system).
– Fresh Graduate or under graduates are welcomed.
– We don’t recommend these positions for people who already have a job and life, as we call it “Adventure Job”, but if you have free time and want to invest with us, so part time participation is welcomed.
Payment System
As Starting up, the payments will be revenue based, so as much as quality & success the projects the more revenue will be gained.
More details will be provided on interview.