11th October, 2013 Nesma Saber

Unreal Engine

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Many of those interested in Games Engines confuse understanding between
– Unreal Engine
– UDK – Unreal Development Kit

lets start explain with bigger first
Unreal Engine
Is the famous Game Engine which companies are using to make many famous games as “Gears of War”,
The engine size is very large and exceed the 300 GB ( Source Code , lessons of education and examples, and tools to export Games to different environments ) price Engine exceed 700,000 dollars – with full support from epic. There are big companies are using this engine ..

UDK – Unreal Development Kit
It is a small part of Unreal Engine .. Contains development programs and some content materials and part of the export Games Tools to iphone environment and Windows and Mac only.

Epic introduced this small part ( UDK ) free in market in order to allow developers to experience the advantages and quality of the engine and if you want to use the UDK in order to sell games, you must pay $99 for epic company to obtain a license for commercial use of ( UDK ).

So as a summary UDK is the development environment of unreal engine and you can do limited Games for iPhone, Windows and Mac only , price $ 99

The full Unreal Engine is too large, can make Games for Windows and Mac , iPhone, Xbox and Wii and most platforms.. It contains all the tools needed to develop …

Currently we have a full version of the engine ( a trail agreement with epic) are being studied and tested now

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